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Corporate Housing


Corporate Housing in Charlotte
Weather damaged homes create undesired costs and uncomfortable living situations for corporate associates like yourself. That is why A Home On The Go provides budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing corporate housing in Charlotte.
Corporate housing in Charlotte is by far the most luxurious, affordable, and convenient location for temporary living in the metropolitan area. Now you do not have to check into your parent’s house, or worse, a shabby hotel during the time that it takes to repair your home.
As a company of professionals who relate to the difficulty of home damage and repairs, A Home On The Go wants to work within your budget to offer you the exact corporate housing in Charlotte solution that you need. We offer a number of options based on budget and desired amenities.
Just a few of the amenities that are offered with corporate housing in Charlotte, comprise of a state of the art, 24/7 fitness room, a breathtaking swimming pool, and beautiful furnishings, lovely decorations and full-sized appliances.
Even an in-home washer and dryer are available in your corporate housing in Charlotte. Also, plenty of parking is ensured at your Charlotte home away from home.
Often times home repairs can take an extended amount of time to be fully completed, and this fact alone makes corporate housing in Charlotte the best option for business professionals and families like you. Corporate housing in Charlotte offers short and long term rentals to suit your time schedule.
Charlotte is an exciting city with so much to offer. Allow corporate housing in Charlotte to ease your housing need while dealing with home weather damage so that you can continue to thrive in this exciting a beautiful community. Go see a movie or hit the shopping malls.
With our location, freeway entrances and access to downtown Charlotte are near enough to commute to work and to the city easily. There is also public transportation nearby if you prefer to save gas.
Pets are welcome to join you in your corporate housing in Charlotte. A Home On The Go is proud to offer accommodations for guests and for man’s best friend.
Times of home reconstruction are not pleasant, but A Home On The Go will make this time less hectic and overall easier for you and your loved ones. You can rest assured that your extended stay corporate housing in Charlotte is a high standard and cost effective home for you until the repairs are finalized, and your work does not have to be put on hold.
Agents with corporate housing in Charlotte are trained to answer any questions that you may have regarding your stay in Charlotte. Please feel free to contact our staff for anything that you may need to accommodate a more comfortable stay.
When disaster strikes and you need a temporary home, please call 800-965-6805. Our agents are ready to receive your call and to welcome you to corporate housing in Charlotte.

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